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Certificate of Appreciation Template

We have added here a free Certificate of Appreciation Template which you can download from the button below. Certificate of appreciation is generally given by agencies, clubs or groups to individuals, organizations or other groups for their contribution in a specific area, which more often involves addressing some social issues.

For example when an organization, as a part of their corporate social responsibility, volunteer in the betterment of community, the government might acknowledge the efforts of the organization and give them certificate of appreciation for their contribution towards betterment of the community.

certificate of appreciation will have the name of the entity which is issuing the certificate, the name of the person or the organization to whom the certificate is being issued, the area of work where the contribution of the person or the organization was recognized for example improving the infrastructure in a society or fight against gender discrimination at work, the date when the certificate was issued and the seal or signature of the entity recognizing the work and appreciating it.

You can download this certificate of appreciation free from here.

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