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Certificate of Recognition Template

We have here a free Certificate of Recognition template and you can customize it easily. Certificate of Recognition is normally used by the Organization, to appreciate their employee who has successfully completed any given task effectively on time.

It acts like a certification of Appreciation and proves that particular employee can work with full dedication and sincerely on any given task as and when required. If the employee prefers to change his jobs,  he can use this certificate to prove his working knowledge on the given project as and when required by any other organization . Such employees are considered as an asset to any company. Even  the recognized employee can have a good promotion to a higher position on the basis of  the certificate of Recognition issued to him.

Even The certificate of Recognition is issued to the organizations if they  actively participate in any of the common  or social activities sponsored by the Government or reputed organization.

The points that are mentioned in the Certificate are :-

  •       The name of the organization from whom it is issued
  •      The name of the organization or employee to whom it is issued
  •       The reason for issuing the certificate
  •       The Signature of the authorized signatories like President, Vice-President, Managing Director.

Here is sample certificate of recognition template download button.

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